Conserving water is a smart way to live, and in your business environment it can also be an ethical and a profitable standard to follow as well. But what are some ways to ensure you’re saving water in the workplace? Here are three simple strategies to help you in this endeavor.

Firstly, perform an audit of the water usage within your company. Gather up data on just how much is used, when are peak times it gets used, and all places within the office building that water flows from. Then ask yourself: where does it need to be used the most, where can you trim back, and what can be done to reduce overall consumption.

Secondly, there are a variety of methods for large-scale water reduction. For instance, does your company have exterior landscaping or lots of plants within its walls? Perhaps change out the indoor plants to ones that require less water, such as succulents. Modify your outdoor landscaping to use less water, such as replacing grass with a rock garden or something similarly low-water-intensive. Replacing toilets with low-flow models is helpful, as is adding an aerator onto the end of office faucets to help save gallons of water per month. If you have equipment that uses water, see if there are more water-efficient models you can replace them with.

Finally, get your team on board and make sure water conservation is a goal everyone in the company shares. Discuss the necessities of reducing water use, as well as brainstorming ways that everyone can do their part to keep usage to a minimum. Together, you and your coworkers can save water, money and the environment!