When it comes to our pets, we want the very best for these members of our family. Good food, a healthy home and lots of love are necessities, but even when you think you’re meeting all their needs there are risks to their health we may not be aware of, in the form of unhealthy drinking water. But how can you tell your pet’s water is healthy enough?
The earliest detectors of poor drinking water quality for your pets can be changes in their behavior. Are they thirstier than usual? Grumpy or otherwise off their game? Or are they unusually low on energy and have lost some pep? You’ll know your pets’ mannerisms better than anyone, and if you’re seeing some changes, their water may be a possible culprit.

Of course, sometimes our pets are better judges of their food and drink quality than even we may be. Have you noticed your pet has developed an aversion to the water you provide them? If you pass their drinking bowl and the water level hasn’t gone down much, this may be a good indicator of what’s bothering them.
Unfortunately, sometimes it’s only after the fact that we discover our pets have been drinking sub-par water. If you discover a noted difference in the stool quality of your pet such as diarrhea, or your pet throws up, while there may be a host of different causes, don’t discount the possibility of their water being the root of the problem. If you notice a change in your pet’s overall health, you may wish to contact your vet for further confirmation.

Fortunately, water filtration systems that are good enough for humans work just as well for our furry family members! It’s a great way to not only keep them healthy, but to give them a tastier way of staying fit and happy.