We of course want our children to live the healthiest lives they can. This includes making sure they eat healthy and drink water as clean as possible. Unfortunately, even in our modern day and age where water is filtered at the source and is of higher quality than ever before, contaminants can still sneak through the cracks and lead to a host of health issues, especially upon vulnerable members of the population like kids. A home water filtration system can make a world of difference in ensuring the younger generation remains happy and healthy.

The primary function of filters is to remove impurities from the water supply, which can include bacteria, minerals and debris. These can often accumulate in old water pipes, along with other heavy metals such as lead or mercury, depending on the age of the plumbing in your home, and can result in a very sick child.

Even beyond the more alarming health concerns, a proper water filtration system can also remove calcium and magnesium impurities from the water, leading causes of hard water which can result in clogged pores, eczema, severe dryness and more. These systems can either be as simple as a pitcher with a filter, or a robust system integrated into your incoming plumbing.

Another benefit of filtration is improvement in water taste. This can result in children being more likely to drink their water, which in turn leads to better hydration and better overall health.